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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trail of Fate (The Youngest Templar #2) by Michael P. Spradlin

Picking up right where the breathtaking action left off, Tristan and his friends, the archer Robard Hode and the assassin Maryam, have escaped the Holy Land, but they are still a long way from the end of their perilous journey. And while they may have eluded the villainous Templar Sir Hugh, they know he will never be far behind.
Their only hope is to reach safety in England. But before they do that they run straight into a rebel band of Cathars, a heretical sect fighting off the oppression of France’s king. When Tristan falls for the beautiful leader of the Cathars, though, his loyalties are torn between aiding her in her hour of need or fleeing with his sacred charge—to protect the Holy Grail

 Trail of Fate:
The cliff hanger does not allow me to reveal plot (at all). The ‘Trail of Fate’ is even better than ‘Keeper of the Grail’. It has bigger villains, bigger settings, bigger dynamics, and it even has a bigger ending (it was almost impossible but the last ending was topped!) I cannot describe any of the interesting things to you, it was just too exciting to put down.I can say this- when I finished the book, I screamed so loud that my dad jumped about three feet off his seat (so far, it is the only book that has made me react out loud.) I cannot wait to get my hands on ‘The Orphan of Destiny.’

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