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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eye of the Moon by Dianne Hofmeyr

      Isikara and her father tend the sacred crocodiles and assist at mummifications of both humans and animals. One day, they are ordered to a tomb. Two bodies are waiting for them--Queen Tiy and her eldest son, Tuthmosis. Tuthmosis has been poisoned but is clinging to life. With no time to spare, Isikara rescues the young prince and runs away with him. The pair find themselves on a journey across Egypt, searching for allies who will help Tuthmosis regain his throne. Their travels lead them along the Nile, across the desert, and through bustling market towns. All the while they must avoid their pursuers, the High Priests who wish to silence them. But there are dangers in the desert and all around. Who can they trust? And where will their adventure lead them?

  Isakara is her father’s temple assistant. She takes care of the sacred crocodiles (the same ones who ate her brother’s arm) and helps embalm bodies. Right as they were to begin the ritual offering to Sobeck, they were summoned for a royal embalming. It was the Queen and the Crown Prince who were dead. Isakara, or Kara as her friends call her, was always a stubborn girl. She was shocked when her father told her to run away. Not only run away, but to flee Egypt. And not just flee, but flee with the Prince. It turned out that the Crown Prince Tuthmosis had survived the poison that was given to him and his mother, and Kara was to smuggle him out. With his younger brother was in charge of the thrown and the high priest of Egypt after his soul, it was unlikely they’d even make it to the Great Nile River.

Eye of the Moon was fantastic! First of all, I would like to say, this is a special book. My dad picked it out on the shelf; he has a way of doing that. He read the back and then handed it to me, he knew I would love it, he has never given me a book that I haven’t liked (ignore the double negatives, you know what I meant.) It was a pretty summer day when I started reading it. I wanted to take advantage, so I sat in the grass. Thirty minutes later I was on chapter 11 and something weird happened. The book melted. It must have been hotter than I thought. Nevertheless I was able to finish the book. I would definitely recommend this book. I may love it because I’m extremely interesting in Egyptian history and Tuthmosis is one of my favorite pharaohs, but it was excellent! It has a nice bit of mythology and history to learn but it isn’t cut and dry. You know, like some of the dusty history books you’re handed at school. Definite recommend. Can’t wait to read Eye of the Sun.  

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