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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pastworld by Ian Beck

Eve has grown up in Pastworld; it’s a Victorian era London. The people inside know nothing about the outside world.
Caleb’s father was one of the original imagineeers for Pastworld theme park and now they get to go to Pastworld as guests. It is the world’s most authentic amusement park, but the last thing they expected was murder.
The Phantom is the murderer, the mass murderer. He has every one where he wants them, fearing his name. His favorite signature? Cutting his victim’s hearts out.

This was the most disturbing book I have ever read (and not in the delightful way.) The gore wasn't bad, but I would just really like to get a psych evaluation on the author. Eve (throughout the book) wants to be strangled. So whenever she meets a new person (with one exception) , she puts their hands on her throat and tells them to strangle her. She takes pleasure in it. Its just mentally disturbing. Don’t read this, it was pointless. I cannot stress enough how disturbing this book was. I will never recommend this book to anyone.

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