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Monday, November 22, 2010


Wow, I just got the ‘Catching Fire’ review up. I can’t believe it waited for 8 days. In my book, that was WAY too long to wait. Unfortunately my wrist isn’t totally better. I’m still not allowed to use it that much. On the bright side, I got tons of reading done! Here is what I read over my ‘break’
The Warrior Heir
Quantum Prophecy
The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir
The Body Finder
I am working on reading “Maze Runner” and “Eric the First”

I have a neat surprise for Friday. The author of ‘Eric the First’ asked if I would review his book, I said yes. Of course, the book was written with the target audience of young teenage boys, so I after I read ‘The Body Finder’ I thought of maybe doing a special for the American Thanksgiving Holiday. I will do two reviews on Friday; one review just for the guys and one review just for the girls. I think it will work out ok, but when the living room got painted, everything got rearranged and I can’t find ‘Eric the First’ for the life of me. Nevertheless it is my goal to do that special for the holiday. Ironically, ‘The Body Finder’ is the chick flick in writing. Another example of don’t judge a book by its cover....or rather..its title.

Happy Reading,

Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow! Have I got a blog post for you!
What better for a teen reviewer than a publisher that allows teens all over the world to read books before they are published? I thought ‘nothing!’ They put two books every month on the website, and allow everyone to read them. As I searched the site more and more, I found out that there hadn’t been any books that weren’t romance novels. By ‘romance’ I don’t mean things like ‘beauty and the beast.’ I’m talking about full out uncomfortable inappropriateness. I decided to post a message on the message board and see what teens said. Well, I got what I wanted – feedback. Not in the way I was thinking though. The answers I got were……..


Yes, I, the teen reviewer got an earful (or rather….eyeful) of four-lettered vocabulary. But, I wasn’t mad; I was sad. The basis of teen morals seemed to deteriorate before my very eyes. I got almost 20 responses, all but 1 was negative. The analyzer inside of me waved its red flags. Why? Because I had conflicting data. Sure, I had 20 people get ticked off at me in cyberspace. But guess what? My website has had almost 4,000 views.
So, on one hand I had twenty teens who believed that that kind of romance is the pure existence of ‘teen.’ They think I’m a load of……garbage. In one word they thought me


On the other hand, I have a college, several internationally famous authors, and 4,000 views that scream at me –

Right On.

They think they drilled the ‘shut up’ into the teen.
Instead, they drove it out, cranked up the sound and turned this teen into a rebel.
(Encarta Dictionary)
Rebel- noun,
  1.Someone who rejects the common codes and conventions of society.
  2. To protest by defying a form of authority.

The Authority – Those select teens who serve and bow to earthly things.
The Crime - Standing, Speaking, Fighting.
The Defendant’s Plea –    Guilty.

Dare to Read
Dare to Rebel,