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Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow! Have I got a blog post for you!
What better for a teen reviewer than a publisher that allows teens all over the world to read books before they are published? I thought ‘nothing!’ They put two books every month on the website, and allow everyone to read them. As I searched the site more and more, I found out that there hadn’t been any books that weren’t romance novels. By ‘romance’ I don’t mean things like ‘beauty and the beast.’ I’m talking about full out uncomfortable inappropriateness. I decided to post a message on the message board and see what teens said. Well, I got what I wanted – feedback. Not in the way I was thinking though. The answers I got were……..


Yes, I, the teen reviewer got an earful (or rather….eyeful) of four-lettered vocabulary. But, I wasn’t mad; I was sad. The basis of teen morals seemed to deteriorate before my very eyes. I got almost 20 responses, all but 1 was negative. The analyzer inside of me waved its red flags. Why? Because I had conflicting data. Sure, I had 20 people get ticked off at me in cyberspace. But guess what? My website has had almost 4,000 views.
So, on one hand I had twenty teens who believed that that kind of romance is the pure existence of ‘teen.’ They think I’m a load of……garbage. In one word they thought me


On the other hand, I have a college, several internationally famous authors, and 4,000 views that scream at me –

Right On.

They think they drilled the ‘shut up’ into the teen.
Instead, they drove it out, cranked up the sound and turned this teen into a rebel.
(Encarta Dictionary)
Rebel- noun,
  1.Someone who rejects the common codes and conventions of society.
  2. To protest by defying a form of authority.

The Authority – Those select teens who serve and bow to earthly things.
The Crime - Standing, Speaking, Fighting.
The Defendant’s Plea –    Guilty.

Dare to Read
Dare to Rebel,