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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello, my bloggers!

         One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the amount of website work. It is all fun, but I am also in high school, which involves alot of work too. Reading, writing, keeping up with the authors, all that good stuff. I have several books which I have to re-read to get a fresh perspective on things. However, this one book bothered me, I had read it but I could not remember a single thing about it besides the beginning and the end (and that it was a pleasant book to read.) Weird huh? I couldn't figure out why! It wasn't hard, it wasn't really long, I just couldn't remember! I re-read it and a day later, I couldn't even remember half the characters (which really scared me because I can remember minute details of books I had read years ago!) My solution was to bring in a friend to read and review it. How does that sound? He is younger than me, but he reads books like Inkheart and things like that. He can definitely handle this book. On the bottom of his review it will say ' - Reviewer Bradley.'  Cool, yes?

Happy reading,

Reviewer Rachel

P.S. Who's going to be at the bookstore Thursday getting 'The Orphan of Destiny'? It is the conclusion to my #3 Series, The Youngest Templar. I know I will be there! (That is what the countdown on the left is for!)

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