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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello Bloggers!

As you may have noticed, I am a book reviewer. All people can enjoy my book reviews; however, my target group is teens. That of course is my goal. I love reading! I firmly believe that if you do not like reading, it is because of one (or maybe both) of two things. A) your teachers have forced you to read dull and aweful books for 'learning' or B) when you did finally pick up a book to read, it bored you to death. Often times I walk into the teen section of book stores and I shudder. It makes me feel dirty to know that publishers are letting so much......garbage into our bookstores. Too often I have picked up a book that promises wild adventure, I read it: Lo and behold, it bored me out of my skull. My 'big beef' about (most) YA books is that it has adult's reviews are on (or in) the book. Why? Why on earth would an adult's opinion matter on a YA book? Would it honestly take too long to find a willing teen to review it? Why would I care if 'New York Times' voted it best? I hope you look to my reviews for your next read. I cover the main idea of the book (but don't give away the fun stuff!) I also cover contraversial matter such as cussing. I share my top 5 favorite books, and have a tab on my website just for links to the author's websites. I hope that you find my website useful!

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Happy Adventures,

Reviewer Rachel

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