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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I have no clue what I am going to blog about. I think that when I have something to say, I will blog it. I think sometimes i'm going to post a review. Particularly when I review a popular series (more publicity for me!) I will post it. I would love to hear suggestions from readers. I will make this statement upfront though- I refuse to read Twilight. I have not read it, so I will not trash it. I will say this though. You wouldn't even catch me dead touching that book. Why? Because, not a single person has ever been able to tell me something absolutely possitive. No, I do not consider romance to be an indefinite positive or negative, because it all depends on the content. To be frank and politically incorrect, I feel dirty just walking past the teen book shelf, so don't even think about suggesting it to me. I don't even care that I just scared away every Twilight fan, it really doesn't matter to me. Here is today's review-
Reviewer Rachel

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
         The Hunger Games is about Katniss Everdeen. She is a survivor. With her father long dead and her practically comatose mother, she has sustained her family with her hunting skills. She lives in what used to be America, now called Panem. She lives in district 12, one of the poorest districts. The start of the Hunger Games is nearing. Two teens from each of the 12 districts will be transported to a closed arena and be forced to fight to the death. The last survivor wins. A rod of terror strikes Katniss as her 12 year old sister, Prim, is chosen from the drawing. But Katniss will not stand for that, she takes her sisters place on impulse. She dared take a look at her family, because for all she knows, she would never see them again.
My chosen words for this book are ‘hauntingly real’ and ‘horrifyingly familiar.’ To be honest, it would not take much to turn our world (and government) into Panem. This book gives a vivid look into what a soldier’s mental state would be like after (and during) a war, the horrors that would affect it, and the thoughts that would invade it. The night I finished the book, even though I fell asleep easily, was the most restless night of my life. I tossed and turned. I do not remember having nightmares, but I can tell that I was visited by some unpleasant thoughts. However, the book was very addictive, there is no doubt I will continue reading this series.

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