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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dazzle (Delaney's Gift #1) by Amber Garza

Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfill.
However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her the life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own.
Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything.
Wow! What a ride! This book made a powerful statement by breaking all the rules in the book. (I have a thing for rule-breaking authors….if they do it well.) First, It did a multiple perspective first person style. I’ve only found a few other authors who favor this point of view and writing style, and at that, most can’t pull it off. (INSERT AUTHOR NAME HERE) definitely pulled it off. Second, she took the physical stereotypes and threw them through the window. In fiction (let alone young adult) you very rarely see….well, you very rarely see the rare! Dreadlocks? Check. Tattoos? Check. Red hair? Check. Butt long hair? Check. That made the characters come alive, AUTHORS NAME made them different than your average Joe, and farther, her characters didn’t pretend they were average Joes. It was very refreshing. The third thing she did that isn’t seen as ‘done’ in the YA literature world; CLIFF HANGERS! Yeah, there was a peppering of them last year…but you just don’t see quality cliffhangers anymore. This one definitely caught me! The fourth thing she did (and the last thing I’ll point out) is that she presented a really interesting love triangle (er…zig zag.) and you genuinely can’t tell what’s going to happen. I know what I want to happen, but I can’t tell what to make of all these 100% human feels! Among other things she wove in an almost seamless analogy (I’m not tellin!) and did I mention Micah is my superhero? Because he is! I love male POV and I’m glad that’s starting to trend. He also expressed a very accurate friendship/loyalty/love emotional confusion. Bottom line, I ADORED this book, and I can’t wait to read book #2! I was seriously impressed.
I’m going to try to get an author interview! Stay tuned!
(This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review, this review is a part of the Reading Away the Days Blog tour.)

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