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Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm Back

Well.... on  Thursday the 26th at 3:30 sharp my grandfather passed on. by 3:34 I was over at their house to grieve with my mother and grandmother.

I kissed his forhead swept his hair back and sat down with my mom.... while we all cried and hugged, I'll miss him, but I felt like he was finally where he belonged.....

He never did like SoCal weather.... and that was the odd thing.

When I ran over to their house, it was overcast and humid..... (mind you, I live on the edge of a desert...we only get a couple inches of rain a year, if that).......my dad came in later and told me and my sister to come look at the sunrise...

we walked outside and it starting RAINING.

the sun shown through gaps in the clouds..it was amazing..

for some strange reason I turned around in the opposite direction... and there was a rainbow.
*yes, I starting quietly crying at this point*

and while we watched it became a double rainbow.... and then thunder clapped.

I couldn't help but notice that the rainbow was in the West sky... *west often represents good for some reason I've long forgotten*

In the Bible God creates the rainbow as a promise to Noah and the earth that he'll never flood the earth again....

but this time it felt like a different promise....

That one day I'll see him again.

That being said, I've lost two pets and a family member in the past three months. It's been rough. But I'll be okay. I'm slowly returning to blogging. *I still have a bunch of health issues bothering me*  I probably won't be back to full speed for awhile, but I'll keep in contact, I promise!

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