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Monday, May 7, 2012

Carnival - Booth X

she crouched low, ready to take on her target, she hurdled over the desk, ran down the hall and approached the mahogany door. she kicked it open! but instead of finding her target....she found..


*dons narrator voice* Welcome to BOOTH X of the CARNIVAL! *gestures wildly with hands*, this booth is dedicated the ninjas, spies, and other shady characters of our YA world. From the serious, - I-can-kill-you-in-six-different-ways-with-my-bare-hands spies, to the ones just in it for the spoils of war!...

Let me introduce you to our featured spies....

Agent #1: Gobi Zaksauskas;
*smashes through stage window*
Lithuanian exchange student with more than a few secrets, she can definitely kill you in (more) than six ways with her bare hands. Her story is narrated by Perry Stormaire, he catalogues her transformation from quiet drab Lithuanian to sexy, unstoppable revenge seeker in the book Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick.

Agent #2: Otto Malpense;
*lasers open ceiling and repels down*
Thirteen, English native, has a plot to destroy the most powerful man in the country...one that actually works. That's how he ended up hand picked for H.I.V.E. a school for super villains. He is destined to be the best....but soon, he'll be the villain of the villains..

Agent #3: Cammie Morgan;
*Smashes through door*
fifteen, knows over a dozen languages, and is enrolled in the most prestigious secret spy school..and all girls school...so when Cammie starts falling for a boy in the city, can she keep her identities secret? As well as find out what happened to her father who died in the field? Her journey is recorded in I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

Agent #4: Natalie
*Rips off janitor disguise and jumps on stage*
Natalie - Dr. Aphrodite, the girl with all the love advice (and the paper column to prove it) goes undercover and reinvents herself as Nat...it's just her and a week spying on what guys really think, do and want for an entire week. Her motivation? An investigative journalism award...and her dreamy roommate. Chaos and hilarity ensues... She was miss popular in her school, but in Boyland, she's a nobody. Read her zany adventures in Babe in Boyland...

*mumbles about repair expenses* Now your all familiar I'll have you know that I haven't read Babe in Boyland or I'd Tell You I  Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You...yet *stares at amazon buttons*. I fully intend to...but here is your fabulous opportunity to win one of these fabulous books! *stares at audience and points*  You only have to do two things....give me your email...
and give me a code!

Go to the 24th page of the book you are reading and look at the first full sentence.....and make a code out of it! It can be simple, funny, serious....whatever floats your goat! (yes, I know it's supposed to be 'boat' but you don't live with me...around here, trust me...it's goat.)

and in case your sentence is really boring like...'She walked into the room.' Feel free to use the names of objects in the room you are in... like BANANA. or....Ficus. When a ficus walks into the room its a whole lot more interesting!

Comment! What other great YA spy books have you read? a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. haha That was really fun! Thanks for the awesome booth! :)