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Monday, July 7, 2014

Writing curriculum - A Scary Beast

AH! I'm in charge of teaching a group of teenagers how to effectively run a blog (and about publishing etc.)

Which means....I have to write lesson plans.

I have 10 sessions to teach kids everything they need to know about blogging.

My first session, I intend on introducing them to how to write a book review, and that will be their assigment until the next session. but during that session I'll have time to cover other things.
so I think I'm going to go the generic route and do an overall, what it takes to run a blog, and what a blog usually consists of (you know, memes, cover reveals, author interviews, giveaways.)

this is crazy! I'm also putting together bound editions of my lessons so that each kid has a reference about what i'm talking about in each assigment. It'll even have a little section for notes and an index where they can keep track of login codes and etc.

Ok bloggers, authors, and publishers....what do you believe is THE MOST CRUCIAL advice that I tell these kids. It can be anything, just be original and useful! If you have a blog, and I use your advice, I'll cite you in the reference section.


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